Jerry McClain
President, Jerry McClain Company
Jerry has been a premier developer and general contractor in Newark since 1964 and is known for his quality construction and customer satisfaction. He has coordinated the real estate investors for each senior assisted living project and also oversees the legal and financial aspects of each development.
Roger McClain
Vice President, McClain Development, Inc
Roger built custom homes for over 30 years and in 2007 became more involved in the assisted living development. He was instrumental in redesigning a new prototype facility whose size and style will be more appealing in most communities. His many years in custom building have enabled him to bring many new ideas and features to the assisted living design.
Drew McClain
Project Coordinator, McClain Development
Drew worked as a laborer for the Jerry McClain Company for five years before becoming a project manager in 2010.  He works closely with his father, Roger McClain, designing and coordinating the construction of Assisted Living Facilities.
 ShannonG Shannon Gibson
Office Administrator, Jerry McClain Company
Shannon joined the Jerry McClain Company in 2012.  She is responsible for providing administrative support to the staff, and managing the day to day business associated with the Jerry McClain Companies.
Cindi Haney
Regional Director, Inns Senior Holdings
Cindi joined the team in 2005 after working with a major national assisted living company. Her responsibilities include overseeing the executive director in each Inn and providing projections and budget guidelines. She visits each facility weekly to oversee all management aspects of each operation.
  Bruce Fouch
Central Accounting, Inns Senior Holdings
Bruce has been with the group since 2006. His responsibilities include overseeing accounts receivable, accounts payable and the coordination of all financial reports. He provides many financial comparisons to enhance the efficiency of managing expenses.
  Beverly Donaldson, RNC
President, Inns Management Group
Bev operated The Inn at SharonBrooke for 11 years and since has focused solely on developing, furnishing, licensing and opening each facility. Each new entity is provided a complete set of operational and procedural guidelines to enable each new operation to be successful. She is past Chairperson of The Ohio Assisted Living Association and continues to be an active Board Trustee.
  Doug Donaldson
President, Donaldson Real Estate
Doug has been involved in most of the Inns’ land acquisitions. His responsibilities include conducting an internal market analysis of selected communities, locating potential building sites and assisting as needed with initial development planning.