Our Approach is honest, courteous, and responsive as we continue to strive for excellence…

At the INNS Assisted Living, we are committed to helping our residents meet their individual needs. We value each individual who comes and to ensure only the best experience. We have designed our mission, values, and management philosophy around our seniors.

Our residents’ EXPERIENCE at The INNS is always of the highest quality. We work hard to meet the needs of our senior community, making The INNS truly feel like home. Our seniors expect the best and we work hard to give them only the best. We take pride in caring for the elderly and strive to make our facility a comfortable, safe, and relaxing environment.

PERSONAL CHOICE and options are key to maintaining independence and dignity. Our assisted living facility is designed around our residents. All residents decide on their own day-to-day activities, spending their time as they please.

At the INNS, we work hard each day to create a SAFE, SATISFYING, AND FUN COMMUNITY for our residents. Our seniors can interact with one another through planned activities, quiet conversation or during meals. Residents form strong relationships with one another, as well as with our caring staff.

OUR STAFF are HIGHLY QUALIFIED and work hard to meet the individual needs of each resident. We hire only the best, most dedicated staff who will work with our residents and their families to make senior living a pleasant experience.